ANNOUNCEMENT 17 May 2016­ by David Pink

The Division Update 1.2 Conflict Detailed

The first details for The Division's upcoming 1.2 update are here at last. Hitting PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 24, bringing with it numerous changes and additional content, like several high-end weapons, four new gear sets and doubling the Phoenix Credit cap. The newest Incursion (Clear Sky) pits players against Rikers to reclaim…
ANNOUNCEMENT 19 Apr 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Ubisoft Threatens to Punish Division Exploiters

Tom Clancy’s The Division was marketed as an MMO even though it’s not. It is a co-op mainly game with PvP and PvE elements. Being a loot focused title people are obviously grinding for gear, and some manage to find easier ways to get it by exploiting bugs. After the recent Incursions patch Massive have…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Apr 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

The Division Incursions Update is Out

Last week we were told what can be expected from the first content update for The Division and now it is finally here. New mission (Incursion), new daily and weekly assignments, gear sets and trading as well as Dark Zone supply drops are already waiting for you as soon as you update the game. I…
ANNOUNCEMENT 07 Apr 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

The Division to Double Down on Grinding

Next week, 12th of April to be exact, is going to see the first major update to The Division, called Incursions. The patch will have new missions, challenges, gear as well as new features like gear “trading”, gear sets, gear score, spectating as well as obviously contain bug fixes and game balancing. The interesting thing…
ANNOUNCEMENT 02 Mar 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

The Division Begins Deployment

With less than a week away from the release of Ubisoft’s The Division, a launch trailer has appeared heralding its arrival. High octane action clashes with serene shots of the cityscape as it all builds into quite a frenzied inferno. Tom Clancy’s The Division releases on March 8th, 2016.
ANNOUNCEMENT 01 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

The Division GameWorks Trailer

The Division is just around the corner and Ubisoft is trying to hook as many of us gamers as possible. Coming out in precisely a week today’s, or rather yesterday’s to be exact, target is – PC gamers. In the above trailer The Division is trying to show off some of the fancy PC exclusive…