The Banner Saga 3 Launch Trailer

The Banner Saga 3 releases today, bringing the epic Viking strategy romp to a close. To mark the occasion, we have a launch trailer for you. Your chosen hero will have new trails and tribulations to face as the Dredge continue to murder everything in the face...under your control! That's right ladies and germs, the…

Banner Saga 3 – Horseborn Trailer

Spoiler alert: there are centaurs in Banner Saga games and they're super rad just like you'd expect from anything Banner Saga. The latest vignette trailer, embedded above, takes a look at Canary and her people who have travelled to Arberrang, the last standing city, in an attempt to survive the coming darkness. They should've gone…

Banner Saga 3 Release Date and Pre-Order Details

Fantastic Norse myth inspired adventure-strategy series The Banner Saga has today had the release date revealed for its third instalment: The Banner Saga 3 will release on 24 July 2018 on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Additionally, details of the pre-order package available for PC players has been revealed; The Dredge…

Banner Saga 3 – Bolverk Trailer

Banner Saga 2 beefcake, Bolverk is the subject of today's Banner Saga 3 trailer. The bear wearing giant is looking for new motivation now that the world is in danger, which you'd think would be motivation enough on its own but we're not giant mercenary leaders who wear a bear as a cloak so what…

Banner Saga 3 Fasolt The Loyalist Vignette

In case the warning in the trailer isn't enough – the above trailer contains spoilers for the first two Banner Saga games so you have been warned. It's the first trailer in a new vignette series that will take a look at influential characters from the story, so expect a lot of familiar faces to…

Banner Saga 3 Key Art Reveal

If you enjoy art of burly men and icy wastes check out the above trailer for The Banner Saga 3 which shows off some of the key art for the game. We know it's not much but it's The Banner Saga 3! There's some more info in the press release below.
ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Mar 2017­ by L Coulsen

The Banner Saga 3 Sees The Return of Ubin

That's right, in a move that surprised absolutely no-one, the Dredge will have their butts handed to them in the successfully Kickstarted Banner Saga Ubin the Scrivener! Asking for a paltry $200k, because they probably already had all the money they needed from the rather profitable first and second games. Stoic hit their funding goal…
NEWS 24 Jan 2017­ by L Coulsen

The Banner Saga Returns to Kickstarter

Marking the beginning of the end, in a good way, for the Kickstarter success story that is The Banner Saga, Stoic are bringing things full circle to cap off the trilogy with a Kickstarter campaign for The Banner Saga 3. Though reporting strong support from their publisher, Versus Evil, and strong sales of both the…