Wasteland 3 – Release Date Confirmed

Fresh out of the X019 show is a new trailer and release date for Wasteland 3: 19 May 2020. Additionally, pre-orders on all platforms have been opened via the official website which can be found in the press release below.

Wasteland 3 – Gamescom Trailer

inXile entertainment have released a new gamescom trailer for Wasteland 3. You can check it out above to see what dangers await the Rangers in the third entry to the series. Expect the game to launch in Spring 2020.
NEWS 06 Oct 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Wasteland 3 Announced

According to inXile, Colorado is a frozen tundra of opportunity and territory, waiting to be released from the iron grip of cannibals and raiders. While I haven’t been to the Centennial State in quite some time, I do know that Wasteland 3 plops us directly into the Rocky Mountain barrens, setting us loose amongst the…