NEWS 20 Sep 2023­ by L Coulsen

Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.20 is Now Live

I know it can often seem like nothing ever changes with Star Citizen, what with it having been, effectively, in Early Access for, like, a century at this point. But Cloud Imperium are still working away at things, and the latest Alpha update is a pretty darn big one. Full details in the press release…
NEWS 19 May 2023­ by L Coulsen

Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.19 Aims At Improving Onboarding

Honestly, we're still unsure if Star Citizen will ever actually be finished. But anyhoo, Cloud Imperium want to make what's already there more accessible for new players. So they've expanded their New Player Experience (tutorial) among other things. Including tractor beams. Noice.
ANNOUNCEMENT 26 Aug 2016­ by Lee Braden

Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Launched

As promised by Chris Roberts at Gamescon last week the much awaited Alpha 2.5 has hit Star Citizen. Prepare for a big patch and new areas to explore. Being a major update to the persistent universe environment for the Crusader system this patch gives us the pirate base Grim HEX which also signals the start…
NEWS 23 Aug 2016­ by Lee Braden

Star Citizen: How to Cause a Heart Attack in 52 Minutes

So, taking on a main stage, CIG gave us an hour and a half long presentation about the upcoming Star Citizen features in 2.5, 2.6 and then 3.0, which they showed off a somewhat short demo for 3.0 as well. Starting off, we are given a beautiful montage showing off the new and improved ArcCorp,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 19 Aug 2016­ by Lee Braden

Star Citizen Free Fly for Gamescom

As we head towards 4 years of development in Star Citizen and with Gamescom going on, CIG opens up for another free flight event. Pilot almost anything that is in game, more ships are available, mostly smaller craft though. The subreddit made a very handy guide for people to use. It is well worth a…
ANNOUNCEMENT 13 Jun 2016­ by Lee Braden

Star Citizen Patch 2.4 Brings in Persistence

In a large update that hit on Friday, Cloud Imperium pushed in a big part of the game to Star Citizen – persistence – which brings it one step closer to the final product. So far in the 3 years of development we have had many ups and downs, and a lot of knowledge that…
ANNOUNCEMENT 15 Apr 2016­ by Lee Braden

Star Citizen Free Fly Week Until April 22

After another patch to introduce more ships to the line-up of flyable ships in Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games have started another Free Fly Week, along with testing some of the new back-end software for handling servers. If you are still unsure about the game, or wondering where it has gotten to in the just…
ANNOUNCEMENT 19 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Behind the Squadron 42 With Andy Serkis

Cloud Imperium, better known as people behind Star Citizen, released the latest video in their Squadron 42 Behind the Scenes series. This time we are introduced to the main big bad villain alien character guy played by Andy Serkis. You can see him and his partner Patrice Maiamban jumping around in a pretend low gravity…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Mar 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Star Citizen Free Until March 20th

There are not many people on this planet who still don’t know what Star Citizen is. Certainly not gamers. The game made big waves when it launched and still keeps breaking funding records. And now in order to get yet more money and players Cloud Impreium are giving people the ability not only play the…