Surviving Mars: Space Race Blasting Off Soon

Surviving Mars is getting its first expansion titled Space Race which will introduce new features such as rival colonies, new sponsor goals, Japan and Brazil sponsors, and much more detailed in the press release below. Surviving Mars: Space Race will be launching on 15 November 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and is…

Surviving Mars Expansion Announcement

Martian colony sim, Surviving Mars is getting its first expansion titled Space Race. The expansion will focus on rival colonies and mission sponsors as they compete for the limited Martian resources. There's no release date announced just yet.
REVIEWS 19 Mar 2018­ by Stephen Haselden

Surviving Mars

The Planet Mars has been the centre of many fantastic stories. There is something about the planet that inspires our imagination and now Paradox, and Haemimont Games have been inspired to use Mars to capture our imaginations in their game Surviving Mars. But this raises the question: Will Surviving Mars inspire our imaginations as much…

Surviving Mars Domes Trailer

The latest Surviving Mars trailer keeps that humour we've come to love from them, and also shows some of what you can expect from your populated colonies on the red planet. That's not all though; we've got the last developer diary of the year that focuses on the population and the places they live –…

Surviving Mars Resources Details Are Concrete

Upcoming colonist/colony management game Surviving Mars has revealed a little more information about the resources that'll be available in the game. There's not much but a joke in the trailer up there but thanks to a dev diary posted by Boian Spasov, on their official forums we get a far more in-depth look at the…

Surviving Mars Gameplay Reveal Trailer

If you watch this trailer for one reason that isn't an interest in the game please let it be for the adorable gathering robots that look like the lovechild of Wall-E and two cereal bowls. In Surviving Mars you'll take on the role of managing the first colonists on Mars, trying to balance their needs…
NEWS 12 May 2017­ by Stephen Haselden

Surviving Mars on the Horizon

In the second awesome pairing I’ve wrote about today, Haemimont Games have teamed up with Paradox Interactive to bring us their latest sim-management game, Surviving Mars. Notably for Haemimont, Surviving Mars is heavily lacking in mustaches and tropical beaches, although there certainly looks to be a whole a lot of sand. Haemimont of course, brought us…