Just Cause 4 – Story Trailer

Want to know why Rico's blowing up another country in Just Cause 4? You do? Well, good job we've got a new trailer showing just that. Rico's rampaging through Solis looking for the truth behind his father's death and you can take the ludicrous reins on 4 December 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox…

Just Cause 4 – Rico’s Rival Trailer

Just Cause's Rico has always been completely ridiculous and Just Cause 4 is taking this to a new length with Gabriella Morales – leader of villains the Black Hand Organisation, who will act as Rico's rival in the upcoming Just Cause 4 when it releases on 4 December 2018.

Just Cause 4 – 20 Minutes Of Gameplay

Avalanche have released a live gameplay presentation from Gamescom 2018 for Just Cause 4 with 20 minutes of gameplay featuring commentary by Director Francesco Antolini, and gameplay by Producer Bryan Rodriques. Just Cause 4 is releasing 4 December 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Just Cause 4 Tornado Gameplay Reveal

Remember that incredible looking Tornado from the E3 2018 reveal of Just Cause 4? Well, it’s back in a new gameplay trailer showing off some of Rico’s new abilities and toys in the upcoming sequel.
NEWS 12 Jun 2018­ by Adison

E3: Square Enix 2018

Adison here with the Square Enix Conference coverage. I’m incredibly excited for the probability of a Final Fantasy 7 remake to be on its way into our lives. I know a lot of people like the original, and a lot of people think it’s just nostalgia hued appreciation. FF7 was the very first RPG style…
NEWS 11 Jun 2018­ by L Coulsen

E3: Microsoft 2018

Oh boy, where do we begin? This has, far and away, been Microsoft's best ever E3 presentation. Featuring 50 games! Yes, you read that right, five-zero. That's a lot of gaming. A great deal of which will be coming to the PC via the UWP. Because there are so many of them, we're not going…
NEWS 21 Jul 2017­ by K-putt

The Unofficial JC3 Multiplayer Mode Goes Live!

It's here, it's out, it's finished! Well, alright it's not finished, yet, but we can enjoy it now and it's also available on Steam. Nanos, the guys behind the infamous GTA V alternative online mod that was stopped by Take Two a few years back, got together with Square Enix and Avalanche to implement their…
ANNOUNCEMENT 10 Aug 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Bavarium Sea Heist Coming to Just Cause 3

Lightning guns, rocket boats, and mad scientist fortresses, oh my! All are featured in the latest and last DLC for Just Cause 3. Rico Rodriguez takes his fight to the Stingray research facility, run by a various assortment of nefarious folk looking to control the weather, seas, and beyond. The DLC adds other locations off…
ANNOUNCEMENT 10 Jun 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

Just Cause 3: Mech Land Assault Out For All

Today the Mech Land Assault DLC for Just Cause 3 is out for everyone and Square is desperate you buy it. They even released an animated trailer for it. Don’t ask why. There is nothing new to be added as the content was already covered and this is just a second release date. If you…
ANNOUNCEMENT 06 Jun 2016­ by Simon Sirmenis

JC3 Mech Assault in Action

The new Mech Land Assault DLC for Just Cause 3 is already out for the Season Pass holders but the rest have to wait till June 10th. If you’re one of those who has to sit idly while Square is keeping you on hold they at least bothered to release this trailer. Intentionally or not…
ANNOUNCEMENT 31 May 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Medici Gets Mechanized in Just Cause 3’s Latest Update

As part of the second offering of the Air, Land and Sea DLC pack offered with Just Cause 3, Rico finds himself on the island of Lacrima, home to a massive prison complex patrolled by lumbering mechs. With two types of mech to pilot either on the island or anywhere on Medici, along with a…
REVIEWS 07 Mar 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Just Cause 3

Rico Rodriguez returns in the third installment of his open-world explodathon, Just Cause. Developed by Avalanche Studios, fresh off of their success over the summer of the open-world Mad Max game, Rico heads to his home region of Medici, to take down yet another power-hungry dictator. Does Rico’s newest adventure explode with bravado and style,…