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Posted on 31 Jan 2019

Vectronom is an upcoming rhythm-puzzle game from developers Ludopium and ARTE. You’ll be moving a cube around colourful environments to the beat, solving puzzles and obstacles that change with the music. There’ll even be support for things like dance pads and MIDI instruments. Vectronom is releasing on PC and Switch in Q2 2019.

Official Press Release

Rhythm-Action Meets Psychedelic Geometry as Vectronom Gets Players Solving 3D puzzles to Electronic Beats

ARTE And Ludopium Bring Vectronom, a Brain-Tingling and Finger-Twitching Title, to PC and Switch in Q2 2019

Paris, January 30, 2019 – Publisher and co-producer, ARTE along with German development studio, Ludopium are thrilled to announce their partnership in bringing Vectronom, an innovative, rhythm-based 3D platformer to Steam (PC, Mac) and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019.

In Vectronom, players must memorize patterns and solve environment-specific riddles while moving their hopping cube to the beat. Obstacles change in sync with music as this colorful madness gets harder from level to level, challenging the player’s three-dimensional thinking. With the option of hooking up alternate controllers such as dance pads, Vectronom might even get you moving more than your fingers and brain cells.


  • Challenging single player campaign
  • Each level features original electronic beats and a colorful, dynamic art style
  • Play with friends via local, drop-in/drop-out multiplayer
  • Level Editor – Create your own wacky levels using curated beats and challenge the world with never before seen rhythmic puzzles.
  • Use alternate controllers like dance pads or MIDI instruments
  • Create your own soundtrack – hook up to an analogue synthesizer via the headphone output and compose live music as you play along

The collaboration between Ludopium and ARTE started in 2017. The Franco-German business accelerator Spielfabrique selected the Ludopium team to prototype the concept for Vectronom with the support of ARTE as co-producer. With the prototype well received by critics and the public alike, Vectronom has also been recognized with multiple awards including, Best Game at the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom 2018.

Vectronom will be localised into English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Hungarian as well as Simplified Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. For more information on the game, please visit the official website and follow the dev team on Twitter, Bandcamp and Discord.

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