Valve Give the Gift of Steams New Gifting Service

Posted on 04 May 2017 by
L Coulsen

In a short, precise and to the point update, Valve have outlined some tweaks to the Steam gifting service. Some of which are most decidedly welcome, others are actually a bit of a pisser, truth be told.

Coming in three parts, the changes include scheduling, which is pretty darn nifty actually. It does not specify that this is solely for upcoming, unreleased titles, it would seem that the idea is more around preparing ahead of time, for example, knowing your sister really wants the latest Call of Duty, and it’s her birthday in two months, or if your broseph wants Pony Island adventures, but won’t be back from Afghanistan until; March or something. It will allow you to schedule the gifting months in advance and ensure they arrive precisely when they’re supposed to be. However, should a gift be declined, things have been tightened up so that the funds will be immediately added back to the gifting account. Rather than the game sneakily planting itself in your Steam inventory and forming an alliance with your Counter-Strike loot crates.

Lastly, cross country gifting has been changed to, sadly, flat out refuse to allow games to be sent when there is a significant price difference. Which is nice in that you don’t have to worry about the gift not being delivered, but my wife used to life in the Philippines, before we married. Game prices were really low there, still are even, and whilst I can understand Valve not wanting to lose out on potential remuneration for a purchase made, then sent to the UK. What if my wife was still there, and she wanted to send me something for my birthday? She should not be stopped from doing so. Rather, I suggest an alternate method. Block such international gifting by all means, by default, but then include an option to purchase a game at the destination’s price point, then forward it on that way.


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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 04 May 2017, 15:40
This is mostly bs. Valve is singlehandedly going to kill trading and game collecting. I am buying my games straight to inventory for the last few months and if the game isnt bundled in the next few weeks i only then redeem it.

Also what about those region restricted gifts? The workaround for most Germans was to get a gifted copy of the game. Admittedly this is not very legal but this was "consumer friendly" and Valve could have ignored it to keep us "happy".

This dick move to restrict Steam eve further just enforces my notion of how low Valve has fallen and that it's no longer the friendly company that people make it out to be. I dont know the real purpose of this move but it will kill my game collecting habits.

Good job Gabe, keep it coming and we will abandon Steam one day altogether...

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David Pink
Posted 04 May 2017, 19:57
Who are you kidding, your over 9000 games deep on Steam, GABE OWNS YOU, you ain't leaving for nothing :P

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L Coulsen
Posted 05 May 2017, 00:58
No, no, no. Let him go right
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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 05 May 2017, 09:40
I'm not leaving, I have many games but my purchasing habits are definitely going to change and I'll become way more reserved. This change also strengthens my fear about Steam moving even further away from being a gamers haven and just becoming another corporate hell where all that matter is that sweet sweet dollah, fuck the customers. I do not want to support such system, i dont even want to be a part of it but its a bit too late for that...

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David Pink
Posted 05 May 2017, 15:58
Helping some people with (lets be honest here, an obsession) their game collection habits, will only hurt a very small few people, which, yes, sucks for them, but then again, is it the end of the world? No.

Steam moving onward to the land of the almighty $$$$ has come and gone ... YEARS AGO, when they stopped making games and became a Storefront only, you don't get HUGE unless you sell your soul in the process. Steam hasn't gotten to that "Fuck the Customers" point yet, at least not to me or for what I can gather, if it happens, then it's up to us, the customers to then say "Fuck you Steam". Until then, I'm gonna enjoy Steam as much as possible... and your massive collection :P
Edited on 05 May 2017, 15:59