Ubi 30 Forms its own Crew

Posted on 14 Sep 2016 by
L Coulsen

The latest in Ubisoft’s continuing free games is racing MMO The Crew, a game I have already pumped more than my fair share of hours into, and will most certainly be heading back to when the next expansion hits in November. Now that the base game is free for everyone for a couple of months, one might expect me to possibly feel somewhat slighted. But honestly, not even remotely. It’s a fine game, which still has a few issues that are (sometimes) utterly infuriating. But as over 100 hours of playtime will attest, they are most certainly not insurmountable. Besides, you can’t beat that price! And some new blood to roll with isn’t something I’m going to turn my nose up at.

Floor it 5/10s!

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 15 Sep 2016, 14:26
Yeah grabbed that as well. You cant have too many games even if its a duplicate :P

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L Coulsen
Posted 15 Sep 2016, 06:43
We should all go crewsin' around together

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David Pink
Posted 14 Sep 2016, 20:42
I snagged this up just earlier, hopefully I can roll around with K-puttski and the rest of the PJ crew and have a little fun while we do it, can't complain with free :D