This War of Mine: The Little Ones Coming to PC

Posted on 24 Mar 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

You might remember an indie game called This War of Mine being released about 2 years ago where you’re not the army, not a soldier, you’re just a victim of tragedy, and your mission is to survive. Well, they’ve worked on an updated version of the game: This War of Mine: The Little Ones but it wasn’t coming to PC. Until now that is.

As you might have guessed, it adds children to the problem. Not only will you have to survive a fresh Hell caused by events far out of your control, you’ll have to care for innocent children as well. Just like regular kids, don’t expect them to do much for your survival, but they’ll need you for everything ranging from food, toys, and protection.

The original This War of Mine received stellar scores across the board, including from us, and you can read the exact changes 11 bit studios will be bringing in its sequel here.

No release date has been announced yet, but if it’s as good as the original it’ll be a quality resource management game filled with more moral dilemmas than a Telltale game.

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L Coulsen
Posted 25 Mar 2016, 01:31
Yeah! I knew it! 'Bout ruddy time