This War Anniversary of Ours

Posted on 15 Nov 2016 by
L Coulsen

To say This War of Mine is not a game for everyone would be a gross understatement. Let’s say that it hit a niche that allowed pretentious hipster douchebags (like myself) to wax philosophical about experiencing the true horror of war…yeah, even I didn’t go that far, but some people did. Truth be told, it’s not that difficult to understand where they’re coming from.

11 Bit did a superb job of setting a grim, hopeless tone for each and every subsequent playthrough. Even once you get to the point of knowing the best upgrades to work towards and so forth, it’s still not an easy game to “win”. The brief bio at the end, for each character, really drove that home. After I spent so long being really chuffed that my big, powerhouse character could kill anyone with a spade, then being told he spent the rest of his life sleeping rough as an alcoholic…took the wind out of my sails y’know?

Here we are now, everything just got that little bit more hopeless with the freely available Anniversary Edition. Offering new NPCs, locations and a new ending. All bundled into the base game for new and existing owners at no extra cost. Officially already available, just about everyone in the universe has been unable to actually download the new content “because Steam?”, but don’t worry, it’s coming, or…wait, no, do worry. ‘Cause now you have even more ways to traumatize your survivors.

Official Press Release

We released This War of Mine two years ago, and the response immediately turned our world as a studio upside down. That success has given our company amazing opportunities to grow and explore new projects, such as Frostpunk, and that’s only possible because of the people who believed in This War of Mine in the first place.

That’s why we are releasing the Anniversary Edition; a complete retail package with new characters, new locations to explore, and most importantly, a whole new ending. This content will also be made available completely free as DLC to owners of the base game.

Watch the Anniversary Edition DLC trailer:

The Anniversary Edition DLC is available now on Games Republic and Steam, with additional platforms to follow.

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