The Walking Dead Episode 3 Coming ‘Later Next Month’

Posted on 09 Feb 2017 by
L Coulsen

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, Telltale’s The Walking Dead is really popular. But it’s not a game! I hear you cry. Whatever bitch, if all you want to do is judge people for liking something you don’t, that’s your problem. And I am under no obligation to let your problem become my problem.

Anyhoo, from the last day of February up to the third of March, A New Frontier will be launching across North America and Europe as a physical, season pass disc for consoles. Which is nice for them, but what about our beloved PC? Well fear not! The third episode in the series will be arriving “later” next month. So, like, the 21st perhaps? That would be my guess.

No details on what the episode is about, only that it is titled Above the Law. Which, if you’ve played the previous two episodes, should be fairly obvious what, at least some of it, is going to be about. Until then, check out the id stroking video above, which is just fifty seconds of Telltale showing off how much praise they got for the series debut.

By the way, id is part of the Freudian triumvirate, and is the part that actually makes people selfish. The ego sits in the middle and tries to hold a balance between your base desires (the id) and complete selflessness (the super ego) so, being egocentric is actually a good thing. The more you know.

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