The Untold World Talks the Talk But…

Posted on 23 Mar 2017 by
L Coulsen

…will it have cute neko girls and horse men?

Set in a magical world with humans, elves and beastkin, The Untold World promises it will be a game for the gamers. Featuring 4k support, hand painted backdrops and ARPG (Diablo, not Dragon Age) mechanics, it offers two very different stories that will change further still with each decision you make…and yeah, that all sounds like typical PR posturing to me as well.

Having said that, it is a very purdy looking game, and I do like my pretty games, even when they can be a bit lacking in narrative substance. One thing that has stood out to me, is that you can “become” an NPC after completing their personal quest line. Basically, you make yourself look like said NPC, earn all their skills and, for a change, don’t feel like a complete lemon because Joe Bloggs-McDisposable-Dude had that one, killer skill that you can’t get.

Currently doing the rounds on Steam Greenlight, The Untold World could well be everything it’s trying to sell itself as.

Official Press Release

We would like to introduce to you The Untold World (TUW) which features real-time gameplay combined with ARPG elements. The gaming market is flooded with rip-off and copycat games. What we want to do is craft a gamer-oriented game with a long-term outlook. We are passionate to bring you an in-depth game with beautiful 2K/4K resolution graphics and advanced Dolby surround sound.

Explore expansive worlds through two completely different storylines: The Celestial and The Underworld. Get immersed in dramatic campaigns, side quests, in-depth battle, and crafting systems. TUW allows you take any kind of weapon you want. Various weapons provide distinctive skills, combos, and combat tactics. In addition, you can upgrade or unlock new skills as your weapon level-up progresses through the game.

Game Features:

  • Characters: 3 Different Humanoid Races both male and female: Humans, Elves, and Beastkins
  • Two Storylines: The world can vary depending on your choices from two storylines: Celestial and the Underworld.
  • Celestial: You are a bounty hunter for the church/government but you have your own religious convictions. You have been framed and betrayed by allied apologists causing you to abandoned the essence of truth. You leap through into the Celestial by assaulted an apologist in an accident.
  • Underworld: You are a famous phantom thief and heroic outlaw in your country. Steal from the rich and give to the needy! But you are arrested in a roundup and are sentenced to death. Fortunately, death has been supplanted by being exiled to the Underworld.
  • Exploration: This immersive world unfolds as you explore! Adventure through Kill Zones, Towns, the Wildnerness, Secret Areas, Dungeons, and more!
    Items: There are 4 different tier grades for numerous items. Each weapon type set of the character is favorable for skill tree and combos. Spectacular skills are unlocked as you upgrade your weapon.
  • Leveling Up: Item enhancements, enchantments, and elemental phase shifts.
    Crafting System: Craft items using materials you can gather by collecting drops from enemies, scrapping acquired items, or refining them to a component part.
  • Transformation System: When you finish a series of secret quests for NPC’s, then your character can transform into the NPC’s appearance and cast their unique skills.

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