The Inevitable Game Development of MyWorld’s Kickstarter

Posted on 22 Dec 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

With the growth in popularity of indie games, and the ease (and apparent lucrativeness) of placing games on Steam, game creation software has become a growing and competitive market. After sixteen years in the business of selling game creation software, the development team known as The Game Creators, began last year, tackling the Steam market in earnest and promoting their “easy to use” apps, prominently in the worlds leading game store.

With the game creation market already saturated with many successful and well-known products, and even many free to use products too, The Game Creation team had their work cut-out selling more of the same, even in a growing market. However, their focus soon began to move from API’s that required a degree of programming skill, to more broadly accessible software that takes advantage of popular gaming trends. Now, The Game Creators are approaching their market once more, this time with an even stronger focus on accessibility, and with an even broader and more casual appeal.

I was dubious at first, of such an established company using Kickstarter to fund a game that seems like the continuation of a series. However The Game Creators are actually a small “indie” development team (whatever that means these days), and somehow that’s still enough to make crowd funding acceptable (yes for a larger company crowdfunding would be a very cynical practice).

The Game Creators are not the first company to go this route of making cute games that need no programming skill, and truth be told, I definitely welcome the practice (even if my favourite genres like 4X and RTS are underrepresented here). The Game Creators are not the biggest development team in this market, or the most exciting, but if you like their move to make a more accessible game, then maybe My World is the world you’ve been looking for.

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David Pink
Posted 23 Dec 2016, 23:03
This is something not only my son would enjoy, but I think I could have a good time messing about in this, I'm loving the style.