The Hellpoint Kickstarter is More Than Just Dark Souls in Space…

Posted on 20 Apr 2017 by
L Coulsen

Though calling it that is a succinct introduction to the premise.

Featuring split screen multiplayer, Hellpoint is an “occult Sci-fi RPG” set aboard a derelict space station orbiting the “Big Daddy” of interstellar phenomenon, a quantum singularity…or black hole, for the less pretentious among us. Currently sitting at just shy of CA$20,000, which is two fifths of the modest $50k Cradle Games are asking for, and with three weeks left to go, it seems likely the rest will be coming their way with plenty of time to spare.

If you like what you see, but aren’t quite sold yet, there’s already a playable demo available for both Windows and Linux. Both versions already have native support for several controllers, including current and previous generation of both Xbox and Sony PlayStation, as well as the Steam Controller.

Hellpoint is currently expected to be finished at the beginning of next year, and is aiming for a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release…with no DRM!

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