The Final Heroes Are out Questing for Dragons

Posted on 20 Apr 2017 by
L Coulsen

With just over a week to go before its April 28 launch, Dragon Quest Heroes is back to introduce its final three heroes. As well as showing us a bit more of the previous, and returning heroes that are filling the roster.

Today we’re here to meet a brand new character to the franchise in the shape of Torneko Taloon. He’s a…rogue trader?! Using some rather eccentric weapons, like a fly swatter and a…trumpet?!? ‘Kaaaaaaaaay. Well, if there’s one thing to be said about the Dragon Quest franchise, it’s that it is far from dull.

Joining Tor-kun, and the rest of the heroes, are returning fan favourites, Alena and Kiryl. The spunky martial artists and her completely pointless bodyguard, who seems more interested in being kind of flustered and a little bit put out that the action is already over before he has a chance to do his job.

Being set out to protect someone who can deflect crossbow bolts with her face and punch volcano explosions out the ground tends to have that effect I suppose.

Official Press Release

LONDON (20th April 2017) –  Today’s release of the “Meet the Heroes” trailer rounds out the 15 playable characters that appear in the action-RPG, DRAGON QUEST HEROES™ II, which will be available for PlayStation®4 and STEAM next week.

The latest entry in this video series features DRAGON QUEST® IV’s rogue trader and newcomer to the series, Torneko Taloon, and his array of unconventional weapons that plow through hordes of enemies. The video also showcases fan-favourites and returning heroes from DRAGON QUEST IV, Alena, the vivacious martial artist, and Kiryl, her steadfast defender.

The entire “Meet the Heroes” video series is available on the official Dragon Quest YouTube channel , where fans can familiarize themselves with heroes both old and new;

  • Lazarel, Teresa & Healix – Watch dedicated military cadets and new characters Lazarel and Teresa, along with the helpful healing slimekick Healix, lead a band of powerful heroes on a quest to defeat evil and save the war-torn world.
  • Desdemona & Cesar – Meet the dashing axe-wielding envoy of the High King, Desdemona and the cool and powerful Prince of Dunisia, Cesar, who are both new and original characters in DRAGON QUEST HEROES II.
  • Maribel & Ruff – Maribel and Ruff, the young heroes from DRAGON QUEST VII, have been mysteriously transported to the world of DRAGON QUEST HEROES II and must fight to prove themselves as valuable additions to the party.
  • Carver & TerryDRAGON QUEST VI’s Terry and Carver join the enemy’s side and unleash their devastating brawling power upon the heroes, raising questions around whose side they are actually fighting for.
  • Meena & Maya – While these sisters from DRAGON QUEST IV may look alike, the similarities end with their looks. With completely different tastes in weapons, spells and fashion, the siblings meet the heroes and reveal their powerful abilities in battle.
  • Jessica & Angelo – Meet two powerful heroes from DRAGON QUEST VIII, returning character Jessica and newcomer Angelo, as the two sling arrows, cast spells and toss sexy beams to take down hordes of monsters.

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