Thanks, but No Thanks: Two Worlds II Microtransactions

Posted on 17 Jun 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The latest patch for Two Worlds II brings the first major update in six years, adding… microtransactions! As if that weren’t enough, the patch also removed console commands that could be seen as cheating (godmode, instant kill, etc.), though the developer is reportedly adding console commands back in, how nice of them.

These microtransactions range from crafting items, to skill books, to even in-game currency. With paper-thin justification from the developer, claiming that “many people like it,” is it any wonder why they were added to the PC version of Two Worlds II in the first place, considering the average player counts hover in the hundreds. With such a small fan-base to already draw money from, the move by Topware to add microtransactions ahead of the launch of the “Call of the Tenebrae” expansion will almost certainly result in fewer people buying the expansion to begin with.

It then seems as though Topware is burning all of the goodwill that they acquired for even supporting the title so long after release anyway. Two Worlds II is currently getting raked over the coals in the Steam reviews, and even Jim Sterling jumped into the fray, adding in his comments. It’s still too early to tell if Topware will walk back their patch, but at least for the moment, this PR blunder is costing them dearly.

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David Pink
Posted 19 Jun 2017, 18:34
Icky, that's about all there is to say about this... icky!