Super Hydorah Shoots Onto Steam Soon

Posted on 06 Sep 2017

Super Hydorah may not be openly stating its inspirations but one look at the trailer and shmup veterans will instantly see Gradius 3 and maybe a little Phalanx while the space battle scene is very reminiscent of SNES legend Choujikuu Yousai Macross – Scrambled Valkyrie. Screenshots on Steam also show references to UN Squadron and possibly Life Force too.

We’re sure all that was nonsense name dropping for non-shmup veterans so lets put it this way; it looks like an absolute blast. Pun intended. Super Hydorah is coming 20 September 2017 for $11.99.

Official Press Release




Stand ready for the battle that will decide the future of the universe! Prepare your weapons and start your engines: only you, the best trained and most lethal pilot in the galaxy, can face the Meroptian menace. Abylight and Locomalito are excited to announce the release platforms and date of Super Hydorah, an indie shoot’em up that condense the best of the classics of the genre in an intense non-linear gameplay experience. Super Hydorah will be released on September 20th for Steam and Xbox One, for a price of $11,99 / €11,99 – and it’s already available on Pre-order for Xbox One!

Are you ready to test your skills as a pilot and save the galaxy?

Super Hydorah is a side scroller non-linear SHMUP which gives the player a challenging experience with the best from the greatest classics of the genre: straightforward action, old school visuals and a wide array of content with unique space settings. Super Hydorah pays homage to the 16 and 32 bits era with its art style and an original soundtrack with more than 60 songs. Also, its gameplay gives yet another turn of the screw to the SHMUP genre, with an extremely precise control and 21 non linear levels, divided into 35 sublevels, and different gameplay modes.


  • Easy to learn, damn hard to master!
  • 21 levels divided into 35 sublevels, 35 bosses and more than 100 enemies
  • 3 game modes: single player, co-op multiplayer and a robot control spin-off
  • Non-linear level layout with route selection
  • Analog and super precise control of your ship
  • Dangers of different nature in each level (not just bullets)
  • Weapon selection and power-ups in every mission
  • Original soundtrack with 60+ tracks
  • Secrets, multiple endings, achievements and rank system
  • CRT Monitor effect
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