Stars in Shadow Releases Next Week!

Posted on 12 Jan 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Asdar Games have announced the release date for their upcoming 4X title, Stars in Shadow, as the 19th of January. That’s only next Thursday!

In case you missed it, Stars in Shadow (SiS) entered Steam Early Access just four months ago. During that time it’s had many significant tweaks and improvements, as well as extra content added too. Even early in its beta phase, SiS was very stable and after playing it for 40+ hours I came across nothing worse than some missing descriptions/empty dialogue.

Despite some amazing titles such as Stellaris and Master of Orion coming out last year, and despite a whole flood of other 4X releases too, Stars in Shadow still stood out with its unique cartoon pixel art, and revival of classic 4X mechanics including; tactical turn based ship combat.

Stay tuned with Pixeljudge for the full game review, coming soon.

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