Stars in Shadow Arrives to Early Access

Posted on 17 Sep 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

Stars in Shadow has arrived on Steam Early access. Ashdar Games, along with publishers Iceberg Interactive are at the final stages of production for this classically inspired 4X title. Stars in Shadow has certainly benefited from the work of comic artist and developer James Francis. Harking back to an earlier period in computer games, the comic style portraits add a great deal of character to each race, as well as a very attractive overall look to the game.

Both developers, James (Jim) Francis and Sven Olsen, share a love for traditional strategy games that is evident in their creation. As well as having a unique art style, Stars in Shadow also emulates many other features from games like Master of Orion, from massive tech trees, too am enticing 2D galaxy map, and ergonomic UI layout. But the feature that has me most excited, the thing that has been missing from all the other great 4X games released this year, is the turn based ship combat.

It’s surprising, with all the new 4X games that have claimed they will remake Master of Orion 2 better than Master of Orion 2, very few of them (except Starlife indie 4X in development by PurpleOrangeGames) are attempting to include tactical turn based combat. Now this isn’t a criticism of those other great titles, but frankly I’m itching for a real MoO2 replacement with some tasty tactical strategy.

Ashdar Games are on the last leg of their development cycle, have promised a final release for Stars in Shadow later in 2016. Meanwhile if you’re willing to suffer the odd glitch, in order to get a more genuine MoO2 fix, then head over to Steam, where you can pick up Stars in Shadow with a 20% discount for the next few days.

Official Press Release

4x strategy fans will look to the stars today as publisher Iceberg Interactive releases turn-based 4x strategy title ‘Stars in Shadow’ into Steam’s Early Access Program. Developed by Canadian outfit Ashdar Games,  Stars in Shadow features unique comic style graphics, streamlined empire management, sophisticated turn-based tactical combat, and detailed world building. The current Early Access build is an advanced beta, ready to be shipped before the end of 2016, pending final polish and user feedback.

Sven Olsen, lead developer of Ashdar Games says: “Our goal is to make a game that really plays well, rather than one that is just a long list of features.  4X games benefit from intensive polish, and while we do still have more to do, I think EA players will be pleasantly surprised by how much depth is already there.

Stars in Shadow is now available in Steam’s Early Access program at $24.99 with a 20% discount during the week of launch on Steam.

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