Shin Hisako Launches on Killer Instinct

Posted on 13 Mar 2017 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

Shin Hisako will be added to the Killer Instinct roster on March 21st for players with $5 to spare, adding a rush-down version of one of the slowest characters in the game. While Season three has been viewed as lackluster so far because of its obtuse clone characters, Shin Hisako plays more like a brand new season two character.

Trading in her naginata for a shorter, faster katana, Shin Hisako sacrifices range and counters for speed. She also has a new spirit orb mechanic that allows for marvel-style teleports right on top of opponents from a forward dash, or projectiles if the orb is attacked. Shin Hisako’s instinct is different too; now it spawns a moving puddle that drags grounded enemies into hell for a large chunk of damage and a hard knockdown.

Iron Galaxy has said that Shin Hisako will be much easier to pick-up and play with compared to her sluggish, tech-heavy original, but still offer plenty of tools to play with for veteran players clever enough to use her spirit orb setups and new mechanics. It’s important to add that the March 21st release date is a worst case scenario.

As part of the “Beam Plays Killer Instinct” streaming event that starts on March 14th alongside patch 3.7, the KI community will be able to unlock Shin Hisako early if they beat Shadow Lords mode with her using the stream commands.

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