Sega Special Event: Make War Not Love 4

Posted on 16 Feb 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Sega’s annual event, Make War Not Love (MWNL) has returned for a fourth round of unfettered competitiveness and Twitch based promotion.

To take part in MWNL just go to the competition site, register, pick your faction, then tune in to your factions Twitch channel over the next few days. Starting today (From 4:00 PM GMT, Thursday, 16th Feb) you can watch community leaders (for each faction) compete at various games. Watching events will unlock some existing free DLC’s (which you may already have).

With four events running: Sega vs Faction (16th Feb), Art Attack (17th Feb), Faction viewer streaming, or “Twitch Off” (18th Feb), and the Grand Final event on Sunday, where the Two leading factions face off in each others games at Kensington Olympia (19th Feb). The winning team will gain not only glory and the lamenting of their foes, but also an entirely new piece of DLC for their faction.

The four competing factions this year are:

Dawn of War 2

  • This was last years MWNL winner, and it gained the brand new Tau Commander for the Last Stand game mode. This free (at the time) DLC, was snapped up quickly by a thankful fan-base, I can can personally testify this was no half measure, but a very fun and well appreciated addition. DoW 2 was first released in 2009, so this is the oldest game in the competition. This sounds like it should be a disadvantage but given last year’s outcome, who can say?

Total War: Warhammer

  • Is of course a newcomer and therefore a strong contender with a fresh and active fan-base, TW:Warhammer also draws upon the considerable backing of the entire Warhammer community, but will that mean a split fan-base with DoW2, and reduced fans for both?

Endless Legend

  • Last year Sega welcomed Amplitude Studios to their team, and along with Amplitude some very devoted fans too. But will these Endless fans be enough to push this legendary game above the heavy competition?

Company of Heroes 2

  • Although CoH2 failed bring the most viewers in last years MWNL competition, the CoH community should never be underestimated. This franchise has a devoted community and an illustrious history, and with DoW2 potentially sharing some fans with TW:Warhammer, CoH2 could finally pull into the lead.

The competition this year looks fierce and I wouldn’t like to call a favourite (Please vote DoW2!!).

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Comments (2)

Posts: 52
Stephen Haselden
Posted 17 Feb 2017, 02:20
Apologies for getting the rewards wrong. It turns out that you get more than just DLC's for watching your faction. Shining Force (an old Sega classic, with emulator) was todays reward for watching the competition.

Posts: 325
L Coulsen
Posted 21 Feb 2017, 17:41
Not nearly as good as the sequel, but still a damned fine game that