Seasons After Fall Just Around The Corner

Posted on 27 Aug 2016 by
J. A. Kinghorn

Focus Home Interactive have finally announced the release date of platform-puzzler Seasons After Fall – September 2nd – and put out a number of very pretty screen shots that you can check out in the gallery below.

Seasons After Fall puts players in the paws of a fox with the ability to control the seasons and, therefore, the ability to solve a number of organic-based puzzles in unique ways. You can freeze the Earth, grow the flora, yap at fauna or simply explore the forest without the fear of enemies interfering with your leisurely stroll. Players are encouraged to explore the 2D world whilst they seek to reunite the Four Guardians and restore order to the forest…because the constant shift in seasons can’t be good for its ecosystem!

Seasons After Fall will be available for PC from the 2nd of September. You can pre-order here now and get 15% off. Check out the game’s official websit.

Official Press Release

Seasons After Fall, the platform-puzzler packed with an enchanting atmosphere will be available for download on PC on September 2nd. Players looking for a poetic adventure where wild nature and mystical magic live in harmony, can now pre-order the game on Steam at 15% off. After unveiling a Gamescom Trailer a few days ago, we are happy to release today more images of the game.

These exclusive images will allow you to travel to the heart of Seasons After Fall’s enchanting world, while you are playing as a gifted wild fox using its ability to change the seasons and manipulate the world around you. Use the rain from Spring to raise water levels, then the cold of Winter to freeze it up, granting you safe passage. Become entranced by the charms of this contemplative and poetic adventure, inhabited by the bewitching melodies of a string quartet.

Seasons After Fall will be available for download on PC on September 2. Pre-Orders are now live on Steam at 15% off.


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