Ritual Announcement

Posted on 23 Apr 2018

Don’t worry, we’re not announcing some dark journalism ritual to summon the eldritch editor. Yet. We are however bringing you the news that Ritual has been announced, via the trailer above, by iFun4all, the studio behind the brilliant Serial Cleaner. The game will be set in a Weird West type setting, which is something games haven’t really managed to capture very often or very well so it’s certainly got a good hook. Check out the press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

Ritual is a new project by iFun4All, the developer behind such titles as ‘Serial Cleaner’, ‘Green Game: TimeSwapper’ and ‘Red Game Without a Great Name’. The game is being developed for PCs and consoles in mind.

Ritual is a dark action 3D game in a top-down perspective set in a dangerous world inspired by Weird West genre. The story focuses on the young bounty hunter who receives the task of escorting an eccentric girl to her family home. A simple mission turns into an endless journey over increasingly grotesque places, besieged every night by unearthly monsters. The hero must defend the girl from hordes of enemies, not knowing if she is the way to escape from this hellish situation, or the reason for it.

In addition to various weapons an arsenal of traps, supporting potions, building materials to create barricades and ammunition will be at the player’s disposal. Almost all of those need to be crafted using the environment and objects found on the map. However, the ability to quickly pull the trigger is not enough to survive, it will be necessary to make tactical decisions and strategically manage available resources. The game will use real-world data technology (RWD), which will influence the game in a unique way.

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