Pro Cycling 2017 Races to the Finish Line

Posted on 15 Jun 2017 by
David Pink

At the beginning of June, I’ve made mention about Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio’s hyper-realistic, Le Tour de France cycling/management simulator’s imminent release, welp, that day has finally arrived!

For all you bicycling enthusiasts out there, head on over to your storefront of choice, because these bad boys are now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the unstoppable PC. Both Pro Cycling Manager 2017/ Le Tour de France 2017 have been a project of passion from a team dedicated at bringing to players the most authentic and thrilling cycling simulator ever made. Take on all challengers as you play with and against some of the greatest champions in the sport, or mix things up and lead a team of pro cyclists to victory by becoming the best Manager in the business.

For the console owners, Le Tour de France 2017 offers a myriad of challenges and racing opportunities. Every move you make from stamina management, to tackling the best route trajectory, knowing when to push it to the limits or when to hold back a little, from steep inclines to strong gusts of winds, everything must be calculated in order to become victorious. And for PC players, you become the professional manager of your very own cycling team, where the sweet taste of victory or the bitterness of defeat all rest on your every decision. Help lead your team to the top as you control ever aspect along the way; scouting, recruiting, hiring staff, negotiating contracts, picking the best sponsor, and all of this are even before the races begin! Join in with the community by forming clans, compete and challenge each other as you vie for dominance by improving your racing strategies and making the tough choices needed along every stage of the competition.

This sports duo combo combine to make the ultimate cycling experience to date, both offering a different experience in the same world of competitive cycling, a world where there is something for everybody to enjoy. So head on over and pick up your copy of Pro Cycling Manager 2017 on PC, check out Le Tour de France 2017 on your preferred console, or both, the choice is yours!

Official Press Release

June 15th 2017 – The official Tour de France 2017 video games unveil their Launch Trailer

The official Tour de France 2017 video games are now available in retail stores and for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Play as the greatest champions and live an exciting Tour de France 2017 on consoles, or become a sports manager on PC, and lead your favorite pro team to victory. Today, discover the Launch Trailer of the official Tour de France 2017 video games, and feel the passion of pro riders on the road to victory

With Tour de France 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, experience the passion of Le Tour de France and conquer the coveted yellow jersey! Play as the greatest riders on the gorgeous roads of La Grande Boucle: attack, give orders to your teammates, choose the best trajectory, manage your stamina and make the decisions that will lead your team all the way to the top!

In this exciting Tour, race through time-trial stages at Düsseldorf and Marseille, before mythical mountains climbs such as le Galibier and l’Izoard, until the great finale on the Champs-Elysées. The pace of the race, stamina management, climbs and descents have been recalibrated to provide improved realism and immersion. Take advantage of key areas such as windy sections that can generate bordures. Play a full stage in real-time or accelerated x16, play the key-areas only, or even skip the stage entirely. An enhanced AI system means the challenge is also greater now, along with the risk of being disqualified if you finish a stage outside of time limit. Discover more features by clicking here.

Become the manager of a professional cycling team and compete against today’s best riders in over 200 races (500+ stages) across the world, including iconic races such as La Vuelta and the iconic Tour de France. The most important decisions are in your hands. From rider scouting and recruitment, staff hiring, contract negotiations, and sponsor management, make the right calls to secure the win. Every stage counts, and even during the races, the strategies and choices are up to you!

Players will now be able to form clans in order to join other members of the community to organize competitions, chat and compare achievements in-game. This edition features improved realism concerning race tempo, rider speeds and sophisticated AI, as well as the management of stamina and preparation. Players also now have the ability to set riders in a paceline at any time during the race, to protect and prepare them ahead of key-areas. A revamped progression system has been introduced in Pro Cyclist mode – fulfill the objectives given by your manager to progress within your team and beyond! Read more about all this year’s additions here.

Starting today, the official video games of the Tour de France will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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