Post Human W.A.R Announcement Trailer

Posted on 05 Dec 2017

Post Human W.A.R has an interesting mechanic in its turn based battles; you choose one of your units to be a champion and the enemy has to take him down – but they don’t know which one he is so it’s a game of bluffing as well as strategy. Intriguing.

Post Human W.A.R is already in Steam Early Access and will be launching on 14 December 2017.

Official Press Release

Full release spotted!

Post Human W.A.R is out of early access December 14th!

Paris, November 30, 2017 – Game publisher Playdius and Indie dev Studio Chahut are thrilled to announce that Post Human W.A.R will see its full release December 14th, after 6 months of early access!

Post Human W.A.R is a turn-based tactical and psychological strategy game. Form your armies and set off on an adventure through solo campaigns, or face other players online!

Since the the start of its early access, a lot of content was added to Post Human W.A.R: new languages, visuals, effects, balancing… And also a new core features: the CHAMPION. Victory is now achieved by finding and defeating the hidden opponent’s champion, allowing even more subterfuges and deceitful strategies!

  • No room for randomness: All your victories on the battlefield will be rightfully earned.
  • A psychological game of bluff: A champion is hidden inside your enemy lines. Unmasking and killing him will grant you victory!
  • An absurd and original post-apocalyptic background: Will you lead the brute force of wild animals, household robots converted to warfare or an army of intellectual apes in tracksuit?
  • Faction-specific campaigns: Depending on your choice you will either fight for R-Patch, Wraak, or Anthropists beliefs. Find out how the battles for domination went down.
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