Planetoid Pioneers Takes Off into Early Access

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Kyle Johnson

The first game to come from Data Realms since 2012’s Cortex Command, Planetoid Pioneers officially launches into Steam Early Access starting today. Imagined as a prequel, Planetoid Pioneers features the same 2D sidescrolling action that made Cortex Command so charming, albeit with some improvements along the way.

With technology and medicine at their back, men and women have left Earth in search of greater opportunities in the stars, exploring beyond the main asteroid belt in our solar system. By utilizing crafting skills, combat, and creatively exploring, players can face off against alien threats, discover new technologies, and find some fun along the way. The version of Planetoid Pioneers entering Early Access is known as the “Game Only” edition, as the “Contributor Edition,” one that packages in Data Realms’ suite of development tools, has been out since April 2016.

While “Game Only” owners cannot actively contribute to development and content creation, instead they’re given access to the full set when the game leaves Early Access in 2018. In the meantime, they can subscribe to user-generated content made by owners of the “Contributor Edition,” adding some life and longevity. The“ Game Only” edition can now be picked up on Steam for just $9.99, or the “Contributor Edition” can be purchased for $29.99 USD.

Official Press Release

Explore the Asteroid Belt in Planetoid Pioneers Game-Only Edition on July 20

Phoenix, AZ – July 19, 2017 – After more than eight years of development, Planetoid Pioneers, the heavily physics-driven Metroidvania-like game featuring local co-op, crafting, combat, exploration, and user-generated content, will be playable when Data Realms releases its Game-Only Edition for Windows on Steam Early Access on Thursday, July 20, 2017.

Combining over 20 years of experience at THQ, Rockstar, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Pixar Animation Studios, the independent team at Data Realms brings AAA production values to the digitally hand-painted, sci-fi universe of Planetoid Pioneers, alongside the best work from members of their player community.

At the end of lives lengthened by medical advancements, centuries-old men and women leave Earth for one last epic adventure. Empowered by cutting-edge weapons and technologies such as an advanced 3D printing tool that can rebuild everything they come across – including their own bodies – these Pioneers enjoy creatively overcoming challenges while exploring the Asteroid Belt beyond the orbit of Mars.

The Game-Only Edition will ship with more than half a dozen planetoids, each offering completely different game modes populated with vehicles, creatures, robots, items, and weapons created by Data Realms. Players can also choose from and subscribe to a rich set of user-generated content made by owners of the special Planetoid Pioneers Contributor Edition, expanding the experience in scope and depth for years to come.

Since April 2016, the Contributor Edition has provided the same commercial-grade tools Data Realms uses to create all the content playable in the game today. This enables anyone to contribute meaningfully to the universe and gameplay by building their own planetoids, characters, weapons, vehicles, or anything else as shareable blueprints.

A prequel to Cortex Command, the cult classic physics-based strategy game enjoyed by more than 200,000 players, Planetoid Pioneers utilizes a proprietary custom physics engine and toolset, called Crush2D, developed by Data Realms for this and future titles.

Planetoid Pioneers Game-Only Edition will cost $9.99 USD. The price of the Contributor Edition will drop from $39.99 to $29.99 USD, providing access to everything in the Game-Only Edition as well as the full suite of Crush2D tools allowing live-editing and easy sharing of any game content through self-contained “packed PNG” images.

Both versions will receive frequent updates. Game-Only Edition owners will gain access to the editors for no extra cost when Planetoid Pioneers exits Early Access in early 2018. The Contributor Edition will continue to grant access to the already well-established Contributor Community, where users can collaborate with each other and get support directly from the official team at Data Realms.

Planetoid Pioneers has already garnered five awards including three “Best in Show” at various events worldwide. Data Realms also received financial backing from the all-star collective of indie game developers at Indie Fund in June 2017.

For more information, please visit the official website.

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