Pioneering a JCB Survival Sandbox on Mars

Posted on 10 Jul 2017

This should interest any would-be sandbox survival specialists out there: From indie developer, Atomicom, and GamesCo publishing, comes a blend of hardcore survival/construction sandbox gameplay set on a distant planet in JCB Pioneer: Mars. The world leading construction equipment manufacturer who’s iconic black, yellow and white themed vehicles can be seen almost everywhere, yarp, that JCB. Aiming to bring hard science mixed with expert engineering and the dangers of living on an alien planet, JCB Pioneer: Mars is something to keep an eye out for.

Official Press Release

Hard Science Meets Survival Sandbox In JCB Pioneer: Mars Coming To PC This Summer

Experience The Hostility Of The Red Planet As You Colonise It With The Help Of Custom Made JCB Vehicles

Liverpool, United Kingdom – July 10th – Independent studio, Atomicom and publisher GamesCo, today announced that JCB Pioneer: Mars, its survival sandbox game, will launch on Steam Early Access this summer. Set on the titular red planet, JCB Pioneer: Mars asks the player to utilise hard science in their attempts to successfully colonise its dusty wilds. Taking the wheel of futuristic, ultra-rugged JCB vehicles, players must explore the alien landscape, mine precious materials, construct large-scale buildings and research new technologies to ensure humanity’s future lies beyond planet Earth. Esteemed astrophysicist, Dr Maggie Lieu, provided advice to Atomicom during the development process, as well as making an in game cameo appearance.

We want to provide players with a hardcore survival experience, one based on what an early human colonisation of Mars may actually look like,” said Andy Santos, Design Director of Atomicom. “We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the game is as realistic as possible while retaining the sense of adventure an early explorer of Mars would feel.”

We are hugely excited to partner with Atomicom and GamesCo on JCB Pioneer: Mars,” said Worldwide Marketing Director, Michael Plummer. “It’s been a wonderful experience to see our visionary design and engineering team craft vehicles for future space colonisation. We are delighted that this will bring JCB to the attention of a future generation of potential customers, enabling them to use machinery on Mars before using them on earth.

JCB Pioneer: Mars begins as the player awakes from a crash, surrounded by the wreckage of their Lander vehicle amidst falling debris and hurtling winds. Survival is the first goal–the location of oxygen and the establishment of an outpost. As the player slowly begins to establish themselves on Mars, learning to combat the planets fierce and hostile weather patterns, they’ll begin a larger operation of colonisation. Life-support infrastructure is crucial but so to is the mining of natural resources, part of a broader mission to save an ailing Earth.

JCB Pioneer: Mars is a hardcore blend of survival and construction gameplay set on the hostile, alien planet. Meteor strikes, dust clouds and electrical storms all threaten the player’s survival and chances of a successful colonisation effort. But equipped with the futuristic, heavy-duty construction and mining vehicles specifically designed by JCB Engineers, every would be astronaut has a chance of surviving and thriving in the face of extreme planetary challenges.

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About Atomicom

Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the team behind JCB Pioneer: Mars are veterans of the games industry. Since being founded by ex-Psygnosis staff, the studio has successfully mixed creating its own IP and collaborating with third parties; producing over 15 titles across Console, PC & Mobile for renowned Publishers such as SEGA, SONY & Ubisoft.  The company features a highly experienced development team with members that have worked on some of the world’s biggest games including Skate, Resident Evil, WipEout and Need For Speed.

About GamesCo

GamesCo is a new breed of networked video-game publisher, producing PC and console games based on iconic Hollywood film and television brands and IP. Working closely with global organisations and corporations we are also developing the next generation of educational, training and social impact games.

About JCB

JCB is the world’s third largest manufacturer of construction equipment, employing 12,000 people in 22 plants around the world. The company was founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford on October 23rd, 1945 – the same day that his son Anthony, now Lord Bamford, was born. Lord Bamford has been Chairman of JCB since his father retired in 1975. The company produces more than 350 different products, which including telescopic handlers, tracked and wheeled excavators, wheeled loading shovels, skid steer loaders and powered access equipment. JCB is a leading UK exporter with 75% of its UK-made products getting shipped to over 150 different countries. Over its 72-year history, JCB has won 30 Queen’s Awards for export achievement and innovation. The company also sponsors The JCB Academy, a state school in Staffordshire for 14–19 year olds that specialises in manufacturing, engineering and business skills. JCB has a very successful Young Talent programme for apprentices and university graduates who are keen to work in manufacturing and engineering.

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L Coulsen
Posted 11 Jul 2017, 10:11
What about colonising Mercury for a change?

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David Pink
Posted 12 Jul 2017, 21:40
I'm more compelled on exploring Uranus, winky winky :P