Paradox: WTF is Going On?

Posted on 16 Jun 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Controversy is brewing with one of gaming’s most beloved developers, because “Good Guys” Paradox Interactive may finally be embracing their darker natures. The company renowned for not only creating great games, and great customer service, but also for having great community practices and interaction too, have all of a sudden changed tactics.

It’s not clear yet what the reason for this is, but Paradox have in the last few days, massively increased the price of many of its games and DLC packs by up to twice the previous prices, but only in some countries. There could be many reasons for this, from simple greed, to third parties in some countries not pricing things adequately (sometimes companies provide licences for third parties to sell their games, in certain regions, this is supposed to be balanced with income in poorer countries) or something else, and that’s half the problem… Paradox have clammed shut.

Despite their latest reviews and ratings plummeting on previously popular games, and despite many forum threads opening with people complaining about said practices, Paradox are keeping quiet, and keeping people guessing as to their motives. On top of these price increases, Paradox games have also gone on sale via Steam. Now I’m not sure exactly if this is actionable, but the UK has laws regarding product discounts immediately after a price rise.

This may be a temporary situation, Paradox Interactive may reveal their reasoning soon (why not already?) but we’ll keep a close eye on the situation as it unfolds. Stay tuned with Pixel Judge for more updates on the Paradox situation.

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Comments (2)

Posts: 166
David Pink
Posted 19 Jun 2017, 18:33
Really gross business practice, really wish they're was some sort of proper explanation behind this besides just plan being a slimy greedy move... either way, this isn't good for Paradox.

Posts: 325
L Coulsen
Posted 17 Jun 2017, 11:22
GG Paradox