Oh…Sir! Summer Insult Blockbuster Begins

Posted on 17 Jul 2017

Those silly buggers over at Vile Monarch and Gambitious Digital Entertainment have kicked started the Summer season with a month-long celebration event for their hysterical insult-exchanging game series, Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator and The Hollywood Roast. The original game will be receiving a free update July 25th, featuring the always depraved ‘Postal Dude’ voiced by Rick Hunter from the Postal series.

The sequel will get a brand new playable super spy character (Jane Blunt), a custom recording voice-over tool for near endless insulting potential, and in August, the free ‘Small Screen Stars’ DLC pack that allows us to trade insults back and forth with some of YouTube’s many “celebrities” such as; ZombiUnicorn, ThinkNoodles and JackSepticEye. Look down below for more details and enjoy!

Official Press Release


AMSTERDAM  July 13, 2017 – The developers/nincompoops at Vile Monarch and frightened schoolboys at Gambitious Digital Entertainment today announced the Oh…Sir! Summer Blockbuster Season. The month-long celebration features free, potty-mouthed updates to Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator and its equally disrespectful progeny, Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast, on Windows PC and mobile throughout the summer.

New to the cast of Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast and playable now is Jane Blunt, the most sophisticated lady spy ever to grace the halls of MI6, whose razor-sharp tongue is every bit as deadly as her karate chop. Coming on July 18 exclusively to the PC version of The Hollywood Roast is a new custom voiceover recording modding tool, allowing insult-addicted players to bring unprecedented customization to their own characters. Then, during the first week of August, the free Small Screen Stars DLC will let fans hurl derision as modern YouTube idols, including JackSepticEye, ZombiUnicorn, EatMyDiction, ThinkNoodles and more.

Meanwhile, the original Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator will get its very own monumental free update on July 25 for PC and mobile, featuring – wait for it – the protagonist of the Postal series, Postal Dude. Yes, Vile Monarch has collaborated with the disappointingly polite people at Running With Scissors to bring Postal Dude to the game, armed with nothing more than a barrage of vaguely profane language delivered by the original Postal voice actor, Rick Hunter, no less.

If you’d like to fire off some of your finest insults to the developers, you can find them on Twitter at @GambitiousInc and @VileMonarch.

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