Nowhere Prophet Trailer

Posted on 11 Oct 2017 by
Jay Shaw

Nowhere Prophet has just released on’s First Access platform. Don’t know what that is? Neither did we! Allow us to enlighten you; First Access is like if Kickstarter and Early Access merged together, like that dude and the fly, except instead of some kind of monstrosity you get to get Kickstarter style reward tiers while getting early access to the game. Sounds good to us.

Anyway, Nowhere Prophet is a card game and RPG rolled into one. You’ll explore procedurally generated wastelands, building your deck by recruiting followers and managing your resources. Naturally you’ll get into the odd skirmish and play those followers as cards. There’s also an Indian infused electronica soundtrack, which has us intrigued for what that actually sounds like, and there’s currently 250 cards to collect in the game.

If that’s caught your interest then you can check out the game’s first access page over on right now.

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