More Dragons, More Quests, More Heroes!

Posted on 31 Mar 2017 by
L Coulsen

Remember how last week, I told y’all that we’d be seeing a lot more Dragon Quest Heroes II in the near future? Welp, here’s a look at the next two characters.

Carver, who looks like Hercules on steroids, and can pull massive rocks out of the ground to smash everything. He also finds it rather shocking if your head doesn’t just, straight up, pop off your shoulders when he punches you. Then we have Terry, who looks similar to Link, you know, if Link was a boy. Focused on swift, precise sword strikes and having infinite patience for his best friend’s propensity for hitting first, asking questions never.

If nothing else, these recent trailers show just how varied the combat styles can be, meaning there’s sure to be a character or two that everyone can relate to and enjoy. There’s also a massive goblin with it’s tongue permanently sticking out, which is pretty bad-ass in many ways all on its own.

Official Press Release

LONDON (30th March 2017) – Ahead of the launch of the upcoming DRAGON QUEST HEROES™II next month, Square Enix Ltd.,  today introduced two new heroes players will encounter during their action packed journey.

In the latest character trailer, see the “Ten Tons of Trouble” – Carver, and “The Storming Swordsman” – Terry showcase their unique and powerful abilities as they battle their way through a whole host of familiar DRAGON QUEST® monsters.

Carver is a burly brawler who beats down baddies with his fists and feet. With his Knuckle Sandwich skill, Carver can muster his strength to unleash a devastating punch that can damage even distant enemies!

Terry is a skilled swordsman with a super-fast, far-reaching swing, who’s equally comfortable in both attack and defence. Terry’s Lightning Storm skill frazzles foes with its shocking strength, and fries mechanical meanies’ circuits to bring them to a standstill!

DRAGON QUEST HEROES II will arrive across Europe and PAL territories for the PlayStation®4, on 28th April 2017 and will be available on STEAM® from 25th April.

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