Little Witch: Openingia and Release Date

Posted on 03 Oct 2017 by
L Coulsen

Coming November 30th in Japan (early 2018 in the west) Bandai Namco have treated us to the opening video for Little Witch: Academia. That’s something we wouldn’t usually talk about in much detail, but I’m rather fond of the series, so I wanted to weeb out over it for a few minutes.

Brought to our attention by the lovely people over at Crunchyroll, it’s as kawaii desu as you’d expect. Introducing us to all of the major characters, both in anime snippets and in game renders, the above video really shows off the cel shaded art style. I am such a sucker for cel shading, so all is right with the world. We even get to see some of the in game enemies, including a mahoosive rock golem chappy, almost certainly one of the game’s bosses.

Fun fact by the way. Despite what y’all may be thinking, Little Witch is not a Harry Potter pastiche. It’s actually, pretty much, The Worst Witch in anime form. A series that is still going strong to this day, with the latest novel being released in 2013, and a second season of a new BBC television series set to air next year. Starring Bella Ramsey, who is perhaps best known as Lady Mormont from Game of Thrones. If you’re not familiar with it, you really should check it out. I read several of the books way back in my primary school days, it’s a great little series.

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