Legends Of Azulgar Early Access Trailer

Posted on 31 Aug 2017

Our press release for Legends Of Azulgar namedrops Freelancer as an inspiration. Just the murmur of its name in the shadows is enough to make our ears prick up and our brains to switch over to that prehistoric hunter-gatherer mode while we track down the source. We usually just find giant space rock fish things though.

Legends Of Azulgar is a space combat game with a twist; you build your ships out of modular parts. It’s not entirely unique, other vehicle combat games have been doing it for years, but as far as I’m aware doing it in space has only been the domain of Space Engineers so far. If you want more detailed info, check out the press release below.

If all that tickled your tailpipe then fret not, the game is releasing on Steam Early Access today and should be available in a few hours.

Official Press Release

Lusorion Creatives a CzechoSlovak indie game development studio is pleased to announce that its project Legends of Azulgar is coming to Steam Early Access on 31.8.2017. The game will be released in its pre-alpha version to the public.

Legends of Azulgar is a Sci-Fi Action oriented Role-playing game with Strategic and Rogue-like Elements that puts you in command of a space ship, space station and a fleet in a massive sandbox universe. Inspired by games such as Freelancer, Space Engineers, World of Warplanes and different sandbox building games. LOA can be played as a co-op with your friends or in deathmatch to test the skills of captains and their ship builds. The game immerses the player in a fully interactive environment and a world rich in lore and Legends.

“While we have a clear vision of how we want to see the future development of the game, we still want feedback from the community and implement as many requested features as possible. We are very open to suggestions as we realise that we are making a game for the players. We listen to the community.”

Lusorion wants to open up the different features of the game to public as the time passes and the game is being thoroughly tested to provide the best quality experience possible.

The first alpha release of the game will feature a ship editor. Basic survival elements and a basic coop map. Enemies that will drop basic loot. Deathmatch map and a creative mode that will not restrict the players in any way. Game will open up its sales with a 50% discount on steam with a price tag of 7.49 USD.

The game will be updated regularly to ensure a flow of new features for players.

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Comments (2)

Posts: 52
Stephen Haselden
Posted 07 Sep 2017, 08:40
Ummm there are about two dozen games that let you customize spaceships, probably more.

Posts: 326
L Coulsen
Posted 10 Sep 2017, 02:19
Kerbal Space Program anyone?