INSIDIA Leaving Early Access and Coming to SteamOS

Posted on 02 Feb 2018

Free to play and currently in early access, INSIDIA is a turn based strategy game based around PvP tactical duels with a team of four champions. INSIDIA will be launching later this month; the release date is just “later this February” so why are we posting about this? Well, that would be because it’s also making its way to SteamOS and Ubuntu ontop of the Mac and PC versions that are already available. Not many games get a SteamOS launch these days, marking INSIDIA apart from the pack.

Official Press Release

INSIDIA, a brand new turn-based strategy game from Italian indie developer Bad Seed, will launch for PC later this month.

Thursday February 1st 2018 – Bad Seed, Italian indie developer of Sheep Up!, Sleep Attack and The Beggar’s Ride, is proud to announce that INSIDIA, a free to play, turn-based online strategy game, will be available on Steam late this February.

Two players confront each other in faced paced battles and command a band of four powerful heroes. Through quick and thrilling matches, the game gradually introduces its players to a tactical depth that is easy to learn, but hard to master.

INSIDIA’s unique combat system features rapid turns taken simultaneously and flexible combos. With one simple order, delivered in seconds, all heroes can join forces with spectacular results.

Passive or automatic – abilities are at the core of INSIDIA’s combat system. While every player can directly control only one hero during each turn, the remaining champions of the team won’t simply wait idly to be activated but, instead, they will perform automatic actions.

Unlike most similar games, INSIDIA is not a simple deathmatch. Players will have to capture critical objects in order to destroy the enemy defenses and lay waste to their base, a pattern that will be familiar to any MOBA enthusiast.

Thanks to its competitive nature, INSIDIA aspires to become a competitive, esport game, which is thrilling to watch. It has been selected to be the first indie game featured on FACEIT, the leading platform for online competitions, with nearly 10 million members. Thanks to the integration with FACEIT, players can easily take part in tournaments, leagues, ladders, hubs and more.

Moreover, INSIDIA will be available for SteamOS and Ubuntu, along with the already existing versions for both PC and Mac.

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