How to Survive in Conan Exiles

Posted on 14 Dec 2016 by
Kyle Johnson


Following on the live-stream that ran on December 2nd, Conan Exiles and Funcom have released a small primer to prepare players to survive in the exiled lands of the Conan the Barbarian mythos.

Initially seeming like a fairly standard survival-game fare, Funcom is looking to give players the option to raise their own settlements, enslave NPCs and roving bandits to support their village, pray to the almighty gods to challenge other players, and other content befitting the brutal world of Conan.

Early Access for Conan Exiles comes to Steam on January 31st, 2017, and to the Xbox One Game Preview sometime in the spring of 2017.

Official Press Release

Funcom is excited to release a brand new video for its upcoming open-world survival game ‘Conan Exiles’, outlining just what it takes to survive in the brutal world of Conan the Barbarian. ‘Conan Exiles’ launches into Early Access on the PC on January 31st 2017, with Xbox One Game Preview releasing in Spring 2017.

Here players must strive to survive in one of them most brutal and savage worlds ever created; where scouring sandstorms threaten to peel the skin off your face and raging enemies clash against your city walls to conquer your kingdom.
“If there ever was a world that would truly test your ability to survive, it’s the world of Conan,” says Creative Director Joel Bylos. “His world is vast, beautiful, and full of opportunity, but it’s also a world that will stop at nothing to slit your throat and see you bleed out at the feet of your enemies. Survival in ‘Conan Exiles’ is more than staying fed and hydrated; here you must defend against sandstorms, bloodthirsty cannibals, and players sending towering god avatars to crush your settlements.”

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