Homefront: The Revolution’s Spring Update Brings Third DLC

Posted on 09 Mar 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The third and final DLC in the Homefront: The Revolution comes with a bevy of changes and free content for console players, plus an update to the PlayStation 4 Pro version.

First, the DLC, entitled “Beyond the Walls,” moves Homefront from the claustrophobic streets of Philadelphia to the Pennsylvanian countryside, and in the last stronghold of anti-KPA resistance. When a NATO agent attempts to contact the Resistance, it could spell victory for the guerillas, or defeat for the entire Revolution. The Beyond the Walls update comes as part of the $24.99 USD Season Pass, or available for $12.99 USD separately.

As part of the update however, Dambuster and Deep Silver have a couple of bonuses for console players. A free trial has been added, offering access to the first Red Zone in the game, and the entire cooperative Resistance mode. PlayStation 4 Pro owners can enjoy the game in 1440p resolution, which is then upscaled to “4K” for increased graphical fidelity. The patch also adds in bug fixes, though the patch notes offer no information as to what bug fixes were added.

Homefront: The Revolution had several issues on release, yet Dambuster stuck to their yearly plan, and continued to update and support the beleaguered title. Hopefully they continue to support Homefront into the months to come, but only time will tell if this is the case.

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