Hide Your Wallet, the Steam Winter Sale Is Hungry

Posted on 22 Dec 2016 by
David Pink

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s wallets are screaming bloody murder as Lord Gaben lets loose the floods of massive discounts for its annual epic Steam Winter Sale event!

If your bank accounts weren’t already emptied during this festive time of year, then don’t worry, Steam will fix that in a jiffy. What better reason to take out that second mortgage on your beautiful home then to drown in the most glorious of deals during the biggest gaming sale event in the world.

For the next 12 days, Steam will be hosting the hottest deals on many of the best franchises around, such as; the entire DOOM, Just Cause, Civilization, Elder Scrolls, Aliens, and Deus Ex franchises, and sweet titles like Darkest Dungeon, Hyper Light Drifter, Cities Skyline, Dark Souls III, Pay Day 2Tom Clancy’s The Division, Elite Dangerous, Watch_Dogs 2, Firewatch, and Mafia III.

Now, as much as getting an awesome deal on fantastic games is, I have to get real for a moment. Firstly, Valve… I don’t know who’s in charge of the Steam servers, but they need to be fired. Seriously though, each and every year, the hordes of people who visit the site are obviously overwhelming, with all the money and tech experts you must have, how is it that the site and Steam app are effectively unusable half of the time. You’d think they would know by now and prepare accordingly, I’m not an expert, maybe it’s impossible to deal with that much traffic, but I doubt it’s something that throwing money at it couldn’t fix.

Secondly, bring back the fun activities to the sales; we used to get all kinds of various interactive games, puzzles and other fun social events during the many Steam sales throughout the year. Now… we only get to have “fun” collecting and upgrading the Steam Winter Sale 2016 Badge, oh joy! It’s bad enough that during the writing of this article, Steam has been “down” the entire bloody time, making my job a little bit harder (I know, poor me). So now when everything is running smother, there is a lot of that exciting charm that Steams most epic of sales would typically have had, granted that most people are here for the massive discounts and not for those quirky little extras, but I like to have my cake and eat it too.

There were plenty of spiffy discounts ranging from 10%, all the way up to 90% off during the entire Winter Sale. With approximately 10,000 games on Steam, digging through all of them to find hidden gems and classics during the ‘holy land of savings’ sale could be very tedious (having a wish list helps). So with each day, Steam will be bringing more and more popular titles to the front pages featured games hot seat to make for a more optimal holiday shopping spree.

Between that and Steams recent Discovery 2.0 overhaul, finding the best games with the best deals should be easier than ever before. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new improved methods of spending hours upon hours staring at Steams storefront, your wallet on the other hand… not so much, but hey, that’s what credit cards and loan sharks are for, right?

Steam’s annual sale is the best time of the year to stuff those digital stockings with all those games from your child’s ever-growing wish list, and no better time to further bolster your own massive game collection. Just make sure you leave enough money to pay your utilities, and for some delicious Hot Pockets and Ramen Noodles to survive on until you’re out of the financial mess that “Steam” has got you in.

Happy spending!

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