Gravel Four Disciplines Dev Diary

Posted on 07 Nov 2017

Gravel‘s new dev diary takes a look at the faux in-game TV network called the Gravel Channel which serves as the basis for the campaign mode. Each portion of the campaign will be an episode of the in-universe show which can be comprised of one or more races. The video also goes into a bit more depth about the game’s four disciplines.

Gravel 27 February 2017.

Official Press Release

Dev Diary 2 – Four Disciplines To Be The Number One


Gravel will be available starting from the February 27th in all physical and digital stores

Watch the second Dev Diary here:

07 November, Milan – Gravel, Milestone’s latest IP, is back with a new Dev Diary focused on the career mode developed around the Off-Road Masters, the annual TV show where the best riders in the world compete in races all over the planet, organized by Gravel Channel, the extreme sports TV channel completely dedicated to off-road.

The show’s season includes episodes which are made up of one or more races. Each competition is part of a specific discipline: the players will fight against the champion of that discipline, the so-called Off-Road Master, while they proceed in the career. Four champions for four disciplines, Cross Country, Wild Rush, Speed Cross and Stadium Circuit, and each champion mirror the spirit of his discipline. Players will have to fight to defeat the Off-Road Masters and win their titles. Once the championship is over, players can take part in a definitive challenge to beat the reigning Off-Road Master of all disciplines in the Final League.

The second dev diary offers also an exclusive, in-depth look into the 4 disciplines, their design and the artistic studies beyond them. Cross Country tracks are set in huge areas with different layouts, for competing in checkpoint races where players have one chance to finish first: these races offer a unique adrenaline that cannot be repeated in the second lap. Racing on Wild Rush will be totally different: lap races in the wildest locations in the world, which combine all the adrenaline of the track with the feelings of driving in an open circuit. Speed Cross races are characterized by a combination of asphalt and dirt to increase competition: speed cross tracks are more narrow and technical and the gamer can show his skills in incredible jumps and chicanes. Last but not least, Stadium Circuit tracks, where dirt is the key element, designed for competitive and spectacular competitions. All circuits and tracks were created with a common goal: engage the players in the most memorable racing battle ever!

Gravel will be released on February, 27th 2018 on PS4, Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system and PC/STEAM™.

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