Gearbox is Partnering with G2A for Bulletstorm’s Collector’s Edition

Posted on 06 Apr 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

In the lead-up to Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition’s release, Gearbox has secured partnerships with a whole host of retailers, both physical and digital, by which to sell their game. The list has your standard worldwide offerings, and one unusual addition: G2A. While G2A has partnered with developers in the past, via the G2A Direct program, there are conflicting reports about the success of the program.

G2A Direct itself was in response to a longstanding feud with publishers and developers. The grey-market game retailer has suffered through controversies primarily with publisher TinyBuild and a disastrous Reddit AMA, which didn’t exactly build goodwill with the community, yet that clearly doesn’t seem to have scared away game developers from partnering with the marketplace. G2A is also a prominent sponsor of various E-sports teams, and the banning of G2A by Riot Games as a sponsor and the ensuing PR fight that followed

Today, however, the reveal of the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition’s Collector’s Edition, and the fact that it seems to exclusively be available from G2A marks a new chapter in their partnership history. The collector’s edition also ropes in G2A’s 3D printing service, aptly titled “G2A 3D,” and “G2A Gear,” the clothing affiliate. Never mind the fact that a digital storefront is producing physical goods, or has the capital to do so on a limited scale, exclusivity at all with a company as loaded with baggage as G2A is.

Unsurprisingly, Reddit, Youtube personalities and the rest of the internet are understandably outraged at this partnership. Gearbox and Randy Pitchford have been silent since the press release a few days ago, and I’d be willing to bet they will remain that way. It’s hard to say if both versions of the collector’s edition will sell out, but as a fan of the industry, I sincerely hope that partnering with G2A does not become the way of the future.

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L Coulsen
Posted 06 Apr 2017, 14:27
I honestly do not have a problem with this. Everything I've seen, of the furor around G2A, has increasingly transpired to be a whole lot of speculation and exaggeration. Taking the flaws the system does have, letting the internet have a field day with it, then repeating the Chinese whispers version as raw fact.

Having said that...this is an utterly bizarre move on Gearbox's part. It almost feels like they want this to fail. G2A is a very, relatively, small niche of the gaming world, severely limiting their potential to capitalise on the draw of a Collector's Edition even beyond the apparent bad blood. And further cementing my distaste for them (Gearbox) as a company

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David Pink
Posted 06 Apr 2017, 15:47
I completely concur with your points L, therefor, I don't really have anything else to say on the matter besides "yarp" *nods and walk away.