Free The Dwarves Update Adds New Game Modes

Posted on 13 Mar 2017 by
L Coulsen

Now here’s an odd one for you, seemingly to coincide with being Steam’s Deal of the Day with a nice, crisp 40% off the top, THQ Nordic have released a new patch for The Dwarves, for free!

It adds in a some new maps and challenges, a Very Easy difficulty for the campaign, Free Key binds, and some engine side performance tweaks to boot. Not the kind of thing you typically expect of a game more than a year old, which has a rather small player base. Though certainly not an ignored game, it’s hard to really call it popular, but perhaps these new tweaks will be enough to give it a boost of recognition, if only temporarily.

See the press release for The Dwarves below for a full list of changes and tweaks and today’s free update patch.

Official Press Release

Vienna/Austria, Bremen/Germany – March 13, 2017The Dwarves has received a major update, adding a complete new gameplay experience. With the ‘Challenges’, players are given access to three different game modes. First is Horde Mode where the heroes fight against a vast enemy army that grows in numbers and difficulty from wave to wave. Time Challenge demands players to kill all opponents as fast as possible, whilst in Chase, the goal is to capture a running Orc with his rucksack, while hacking and slashing through his comrades.

These new modes can be played directly from the main menu. To add a competitive edge, players will earn points and can unlock all of the game’s 15 heroes to use them in these modes, with a high score leaderboard showing the results of each attempt.

The patch is now live on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4™ and Xbox One as a free download.

See full patch notes below:

Patch notes:

  • New game modes: 3 different Challenges on 6 maps
  • 3 new achievements for the new challenges
  • New campaign difficulty mode: Very Easy
  • Engine update: performance upgrade in many scenes
  • Divided display language and subtitle option
  • Turkish language added (Subtitles / OnScreen-Text)
  • Optimized camera collision

Windows/Mac/Linux only:

  • Additional graphics settings
  • Free Key Bindings

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