Felix The Reaper Preview Trailer

Posted on 05 Dec 2017

This puzzle game has an overweight dancing grim reaper and he’s adorable. What’s that? You need more? Well, Felix The Reaper is about the titular dancing reaper who has to follow a set of rules, like staying in the shadows and not causing a fuss, but he’s going to dance while he does it. You’ve got to manipulate the shadows of the level to move around and set up the death of his victims, of which there’ll be 5 set across 20+ levels. All this takes place in a frozen time setting that, once Felix completes the goal, unfreezes and lets you watch what you just set up come to life, and then death.

Felix The Reaper is launching sometime 2018.

Official Press Release

A tragic hunting accident has cut the life short for Lars Le Grand.

He met the end of a spear, thrown by his brother and life long hunting partner in a tragic hunting accident.

An accident as swift as it was brutal on this fatal freezing winter day.

Lars leaves behind no legitimate kin, but a legacy of extraordinary appetite and a thirst to be quelled.

The people left behind takes comfort in the experience, that the death of Mr. Le Grand seemed a pure play of destiny and foresight.

To Lars Le Grand – may the afterlife treat him well.

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