Fear the Sushee

Posted on 05 May 2016 by
L Coulsen

With the Fear Effect Kickstarter a little over a week from completion, developer Sushee have uploaded a short gameplay video to help drum up some extra excitement. Showing not only how combat works, but also a quick look at the kinds of puzzles we can expect to come across on our journey. The latter being, honestly, far more important to any true Effecter. The puzzles were always the real star of the series, and having put in almost €200 of my own money I must admit, I was a tad concerned about how they’d be brought in with the new, isometric gameplay style.

But fear (heh) not, Sushee have proven their salt as true fans. At least, they have in the opinion of this humble game journalist. Though, having looked back on it, there wasn’t a great deal of dependence on the standard gameplay to begin with. Puzzles generally, and still will, mostly took the form of small, self-contained sections of their own. You can call them mini-games I suppose, but with an actual purpose within the narrative, rather than being a distraction from.

What most caught my attention, however, was the visual aesthetic. There’s a great blend between the original, kinda’ blocky and awkwardly angular, enhanced with more recent rendering techniques. Allowing Sedna to retain an authentic Fear Effect look, whilst not looking dated. It’s more of a nostalgic throwback, rather than a creative, but obvious attempt to hide the limitations of the technology. Fully rendered 3D character models, with moving fingers and mouths, was not something one often saw in the late 1990’s. Especially not on a console.

Speaking of which, the Kickstarter rewards have been expanded to include both the PlayStation 4 and Xbone. Which is inspiring, considering we were initially told that the game would not continue if the campaign was unsuccessful. Though it currently stands at only a tad over 3/4 funded, there’s still the very real chance that the campaign will fall short, and yet it’s been confirmed that the consoles will get the game too. Perhaps Squeenix have already seen enough support to consider funding the full game themselves? Let’s hope…actually, let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.

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