Eternal Crusade: Free to Waagh

Posted on 06 Mar 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade (EC) is becoming free to play, and a £15 game at the same time. It’s also not going to be pay to win, but it will have some excluded classes from the free version…oh and the people who payed £40 for the game will still get their money’s worth, because they will be given 20k’s worth of in-game currency and keep those fancy, venerable weapons for themselves.

Behaviour Interactive (BI) want us to believe that excluded classes doesn’t mean pay-to-win, well that’s patently not true, so I have to call them out on this, the free-to-play model as they described it is clearly pay to winHowever, I can’t bring myself to dislike them for this move…I wish they had been honest about the game being pay-to-win, but given a choice between being bombarded with never ending micro transactions, or having a flat single rate for the game, I am extremely glad that they opted for the latter.

At a reasonable £15 rate for a quality, multiplayer only game these days, which is just as well because EC is still suffering from a few glitches and complaints about lag. BI have been very active with their updates, and have been addressing these issues in the latest update too, however, I can’t vouch for the game’s current state as I’m one of the people waiting for results from their free Beta Lottery.

Unfortunately, all 250 thousand beta keys have been snapped up already, that doesn’t mean 250k new players, but it does mean that Eternal Crusade’s soft launch is working, and that BI will have a chance to test their servers a bit more before the games ‘Free to Waaagh’ launch in a few weeks (no precise date given).

Behaviour Interactive want Eternal Crusade to become “the ultimate playground for your Warhammer 40,000 fantasies”. This is a blessed goal indeed, and I truly want BI to succeed at their endeavors. Some of the new ways BI intend facilitate your fantasies are through: improved world map and campaigns, Increase player agency (sorry, no idea), variety in types of campaign goals, both personal and global. These are excellent goals and I look forward to seeing how they’re implemented. Some gamers may be holding out for EC implementation on consoles, BI have not ruled this out, but not in this “current phase” of development.

Rather than the usual trailer, I’ve linked a video with Behaviour Interactive’s playing Eternal Crusade (They release a new one each week). As a huge 40K fan, Eternal Crusade has really captured my imagination. Let’s hope our faith is not misplaced.

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