Eisenhorn: XENOS Dev Diary Part 1

Posted on 03 Aug 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

We got our hands on an early build of Eisenhorn: XENOS some months ago…and we weren’t impressed. Maybe Pixel Hero should’ve waited a bit longer before releasing things to the press. Maybe I’m just not artsy enough to appreciate what they were doing. However neither was anyone else who played it, as their May 19 release date got pushed back. Way back.

To their credit Pixel Hero listened to that negative feedback and knew they had to do something to improve the game, and continued to work industriously for the last four/five months. While this video doesn’t show or even speak of anything specific about the improvements to their adaptation of the classic Warhammer 40K novel – Eisenhorn: XENOS, it does speak about their abilities as a team, their dedication and passion for this game. That is enough for me to give it a second chance.

There is nothing new to show for Eisenhorn as of yet, but I have a renewed sprinkling of hope for this title and certainly wish Pixel Hero success. We can never have enough good 40k games.

Official Press Release

Pixel Hero Games today released the first of two developer diaries, in which they will share a peek into the kitchen of Pixel Hero Games and the making of Eisenhorn: XENOS.

In this first video, Studio Head Nader Alikhani talks about how the studio got started, and what it means for them to work on a Warhammer 40K game, and the Eisenhorn storyline in particular.

‘Eisenhorn: XENOS’ follows the journey of Gregor Eisenhorn (voiced by British actor Mark Strong), an inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos – Alien hunters of the empire, on his quest to hunt down an ancient tome of evil origin. Using agility, psychic powers and a selection of the Imperium’s most iconic weaponry, players will explore a beautifully realized, fully 3D version of Eisenhorn’s universe. It is up to the player whether or not Eisenhorn and his group of comrades complete their mission to save the Imperium from the threat it faces.

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