E3’s Martian Inbreeding Program

Posted on 11 Jun 2016 by
L Coulsen

Technomancers are inbred. Yeah, that one caught me a tad off guard as well. Unlike the rest of the trailers Focus are putting out at the moment, their latest for The Technomancer actually has a lot of new information for us to sink our teeth into. Due to release in a little under a month, the latest offering from Spiders takes us back to the universe of Mars: War Logs. Though it’s still unclear how this title fits into the story, there is simply way too much commonality for it to be anything else. There’s even a chap around the middle of the video who looks like an older version of Sean. The Technomancer who you had to do epic battle with during your escape in Wars Logs. Which is interesting, because it was pretty much confirmed that he popped his clogs during that encounter. Of course, it could be someone else, but it’s still something that has me wondering.

The rest of the trailer was fairly standard fair, setting up the mood and teasing us with promises of things to come. I even features what seems to be the voice of Nolan North, who we haven’t heard in a video-game for, ooh, at least fifteen minutes. Reddit seems fairly certain it’s actually Matt Mercer, but both his and North’s IMDb pages shed no light on the matter. It’s a good, and interesting, voice over all the same, and my body is fully prepared to sink my teeth into the game soonest. Though you’ll have to wait until June 27th to get my final thoughts.

The Technomancer will release across most major platforms June 28. Now get your arse to Mars!

Official Press Release

[E3 Trailer] The Technomancer shows off the chaotic Red Planet in its E3 trailer
With a cover of “House of the Rising Sun” that turns up the heat

The Technomancer, the sci-fi RPG set on Mars, releases on June 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Today we’re showcasing the game’s E3 Trailer, driven by the Frijid Pink’s legendary cover of the rock classic “House of the Rising Sun”. Delve into the chaotic world of Mars, a planet that is torn by war and political conflict.

Mars is a barren wasteland that is home to the forgotten children of Earth. On the surface, warring corporations fight wars from their massive domed cities for one resource: water. Underground, hidden between the crags or in unexplored valleys, you will face factions struggling for their own profit, or mutants permanently changed by the sun’s radiation and hated by the rest of humankind.

Here you play as a Technomancer – a formidable warrior harnessing destructive electrical powers. Travel with your companions, choosing between diplomacy, combat, or trickery to resolve quests. Gain experience to level up your character, and learn new skills or upgrade perks across 4 unique skill trees. Loot, buy, and craft more powerful equipment and weaponry for yourself and teammates to stand a chance of surviving! Only you can forge the destiny of Mars.

For more information, don’t forget to plunge in the Gameplay Trailer that covers the game’s RPG mechanics, and the Companions Trailer that will describe all the interactions and relationships you can build with you teammates.

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