Dynasty Feud Adds The Night Party

Posted on 27 Oct 2017

Multiplayer brawler type game Dynasty Feud has added a new dynasty to its roster, The Night Party. There’s 5 new characters, detailed in the press release below, and the DLC is on sale until 2 November 2017 for a miniscule 67p. Check out the press release for more information on the content and game, or watch the trailer above to see it in action.

Official Press Release

The fast-paced multiplayer brawler DYNASTY FEUD is welcoming a brand-new dynasty today:

The Night Party!



Get ready for an entirely new cast of characters, new weapons – and ever more ludicrous special attacks.


Developed by Kaia Studios, Dynasty Feud portrays an endless feud between eight unique dynasties spanning multiple time periods, backgrounds, and fighting styles. Honor your dynasty by taking part in deadly battles alongside friends – or join in on random online/offline matches of up to 4 players. From melee juggernauts to sneaky snipers – along with invisible ninjas and even a TNT-loving cactus – each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to use them in coordinated combat is the only way to stay alive.

[Interested in reviewing the game? Click on the following link and choose “Dynasty Feud” from the drop-down menu to receive a Steam key: https://novy.promoterapp.com/pub/press]


Eneko Egiluz (CEO & Co-Founder, Kaia Studios):

“Dynasty Feud is our take on some of the best multiplayer brawlers out there – including Super Smash Bros., Duck Game, and Towerfall Ascension. Genre fans are going to have a blast getting to know our new dynasty. They’re a fun bunch, and quite capable of laying waste to the opposing team. See you on the battlefield!”

The Night Party DLC introduces a colorful cast of characters who met at a midnight rave party. Like most outcasts, they’ve been misunderstood by society – and instead of remaining forever alone, they decide to band together:

David N. “The Werewolf”


* Since he’s unable to control his beastly transformation, timing is of the essence when using him in battle.

* In human form, he’s a slow and below average melee fighter; in wolf form, he’s fast, deadly, and mobile.


Donald “The Duke”


* Donald is one of the best melee fighters in Dynasty Feud; he’s lightning fast and has good reach.

* When struck, Donald turns into a bat with the ability to fly away and live to fight another day.


Mr. T “The Pharaoh”


* Mr. T’s initial sarcophagus form is cumbersome – making him an easy target … but it can occasionally prove effective in battle.

* When out of his sarcophagus, Mr. T. is a versatile long-range fighter with good mobility.


Jekyll “The Grad Student”


* In his ordinary grad student form, Jekyll can use a limited number of potions that allow him to play mind tricks on his opponents.

* When transformed, Jekyll is a mighty melee fighter who can also go berserk.


Zack “The Zombie”


* Zack can easily surprise his opponent by detaching and throwing his own head (!)

* While his body is headless, Zack is incapable of moving but can withstand any attacks; his head, however, can still get hit – so beware of headshots.

Dynasty Feud was accepted by ICEX (España Exportación e Inversiones) as the entity’s second Spanish-made game to receive PR and marketing support in the United States from Novy Unlimited.


* Choose a dynasty and fight in fast-paced, all-out, one-hit kill brawls!

* Master 40 characters across 8 unique dynasties.

* Customize your very own dynasty in All-Star mode.

* Fight in epic 2-4 player battles offline with friends or online with opponents worldwide.

* Witness mass destruction as levels are left in ruin by hectic battles.


Dynasty Feud is currently available on Steam for $4.94 (67% off). The Night Party DLC may be downloaded for $0.84 (15% off). In one week (Thursday, November 2), both the game and DLC will return to their original prices of $14.99 and $0.99, respectively.





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