Dragon Quest Heroes II Is out, but It’s Like Billy Mays…

Posted on 05 May 2017 by
L Coulsen

Detailing an entire month of extra content, free no less, Dragon Quest Heroes II is clearly pointing out to us that it is here to stay…”but wait, there’s more!

Offering whole new side quests for every character, new maps and even more characters yet to come, the next four weeks are jam packed full of updates. The full list can be read in the press release below, and is well worth taking a look at. In these days of ludicrously priced, premium DLC costume packs, to find a game so heavily loaded, and so frequently, with free stuff is a rare trait indeed.

Square Enix and Omega Force’s Dragon Quest Heroes II is worth a look at for that alone, of course, it also helps that its pretty bloody awesome to boot.

Official Press Release

LONDON (4th May 2017) – Following the release of the latest DRAGON QUEST® Action-RPG adventure in Europe last week,  Square Enix Ltd., today unveiled plans for a series of free content updates for DRAGON QUEST HEROES II™.

Starting from today, all players can enjoy five instalments of never-seen-before content, including side-quests – which delve deeper into the game’s colourful cast of characters, a host of exclusive Slime weapons and various new content for multiplayer mode.

The first update, available now on both PlayStation®4 and STEAM, brings two new side-quests featuring three veteran characters from the series, Episode Maribel & Ruff and Episode Torneko.

The full list of content updates and release timings is as follows:

11th May

  • Side Quest: Episode Carver & Terry
  • Side Quest: Episode Meena & Maya
  • Special Boss Map: Estark
  • Quest for the ultimate co-op spell: Kazapple

18th May

  • Side Quest: Episode Jessica & Angelo
  • Side Quest: Episode Alena & Kiryl
  • Additional Characters for Multiplayer mode #1: Luceus, Aurora, Bianca & Nera

25th May

  • Additional Characters for Multiplayer mode #2: Doric, Yangus, Isla & Psaro
  • Special Boss Map: Dragon Lord

1st June

  • Monster Medal Battle: Play online multiplayer competitively against players from around the world!

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