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Posted on 16 Jul 2017 by
L Coulsen

A vampire saga inspired by the sentiments taking us back to the 2000’s.” Nowhere is this truer than in Devoid of Shadows’ visual aesthetic. It’s almost like the game assets were buried in a cave twenty years ago, dug up last week, dusted off and just thrown together. But let’s be honest for a moment, there’s far more to a game than the way it looks. Though looking a bit naff is still, well, naff. Shadows does have a certain charm to it though.

Done in a faux MMO style, you pick one of three classes, all vampires, in a world of vampires. You go murder your way through 21 dungeons, with procedural generation, and hop back to your castle to upgrade workshops, craft weapons and the like. Head back out, rinse and repeat. Games about vampires are oddly few and far between, that’s always surprised me. You’d think there’d be masses of them, but no. Even the Castlevania series is a bit lackluster at the moment. Not the games themselves, they’re great, but there aren’t many of them, less can be said about Legacy of Kain… I’m still sore about that.

Anyhoo, Devoid of Shadows is now on Steam at the rather modest price of £13.59, which itself is about what you’d expect to pay for a game from the 2000s. Gotta’ give it to N-Game studios, they really do seem to have committed to that sense of nostalgia. And I don’t know about you, but something about it just… works. Maybe it’s that proclivity I have for playing so called “retro games”, maybe nostalgia, maybe the colour of the underwear I’m not wearing. Whatever it is, it’s telling me that Devoid of Shadows is worth your time.

Official Press Release


N-Game Studios and ArsLogica LP are happy to report that game Devoid of Shadows now released at Steam!

Devoid of Shadows is a 3D Action/RPG in the grim darkness vampire fantasy world. You will make a journey through the magical Blood Labyrinth. No one has ever returned from there alive or sane.

Devoid of Shadows is a vampire saga inspired by the nostalgic taking us back to the 2000’s.

Game features:

  • Dark fantasy style world;
  • True 3D Action/RPG with roguelike elements;
  • Three classes of the characters and advanced crafting system;
  • You will have dozens of skills based on the Power of Blood;
  • The game has 21 dungeons levels with random world generation. Each level contains quests;
  • Royal castle on the magic painting. You can move there from any location and take a rest, upgrade the workshops and craft the weapon, armors, potions, combat scrolls and everything that helps you survive.

Devoid of Shadows is a hell in a darkest dungeons of the Labyrinth!

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