Date Cats in Purrfect Date, Coming to Steam This Winter

Posted on 12 Aug 2017

Because cats are, uhm…yeah. Furries can now live out their fantasies and, truly, get some hot pussy in Purrfect Date, one of the more bizarre titles to hit Steam, but hardly the weirdest. Not much else you need to know really. It’s a visual novel about dating cats. Come for the pussy, stay for the tail.


Official Press Release

Court cats, unravel riddles and appreciate puns in Purrfect Date, coming to Windows PC, Mac and iOS this winter

Bae Team’s feline-friendly caper to be published by Surgeon Simulator & I am Bread creators Bossa Studios

LONDON – Aug. 10, 2017 – UK-based indie development duo Bae Team today revealed they will bring Purrfect Date to Windows PC, Mac and iOS this winter with the publishing support of the award-winning Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread). Purrfect Date is a cross between a visual novel, dating sim and dark British comedy. You, a human, will get to date cats and uncover the secrets of the mysterious Cat Island.

Throughout the game’s seven chapters, you’ll adopt the roles of multiple freshly employed research assistants on an island almost entirely populated by cats. Choose your own adventure as you romance talking cats, balance your stats and carry out your research into the dark and questionable history of the island. Drawing inspiration from trailblazing games such as Undertale, Dream Daddy, Hatoful Boyfriend, and Pony Island, there’ll be lots of twists, turns and alternate playthroughs to keep you replaying.

Purrfect Date is the personal project of Bossa Studios’ content producer, Oliver Hindle, and his girlfriend, Ruby-Mae Roberts.

“Oliver and I were lazing around one day, itching to play a game, but nothing really grabbed our interest, so we started talking about what we’d do if we could make the ideal game for us. Cats, intrigue, dating sims, the TV show Lost… all of these things became the ingredients that went into making Purrfect Date. It’s an amalgamation of everything we love, and in essence, a love letter to each other (and cats),” said Ruby-Mae Roberts, Co-founder of Bae Team.

After finding success on Steam Greenlight, a true mark of quality and excellence, they entered into a publishing and co-development deal with Bossa Studios.

“We love to create games in ways that other developers, studios and publishers would shy away from. At Bossa, we embrace crazy ideas from the team, and when Oliver said he was working on a dating simulator about cats, we knew it was something we would support,” said Imre Jele, Co-founder of Bossa Studios.

The game can now be added to players’ wishlists on Steam here:

For more information, follow the game on YouTube, Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram.

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